Emerging Economy and Safety Standards

ppe standards comparison

In a recent posting on LinkedIn I received some feedback which virtually accused me of being unknowledgeable in my field and of disseminating information which was not factual (in spite of the fact that I had been very careful to point out that my source was quotes from the Times of India).

During my first contract in the south of this the largest of the “emerging economies” I enjoyed a good reception to my advice based on my years of experience in different fields of industry; however here in the north of the same country I detect a little resentment to my being here. I cannot quite put my finger on the issue but I have had several “run ins” with local senior staff (one even making statements which were tantamount to accusing me of being a colonialist!)

Nevertheless I continue to dedicate my time to improving safety standards by hook or by crook and dragging safety standards into the 21st century. With this in mind I decided to contrast one simple safety principle of PPE usage between the UK and the “emerging economy” where I work. The result is the picture at the head of this blog. To be fair the photos were both posed presumably for keepsakes but I am sure, even to the untrained eye, the difference in standards is immediately evident.

In those words of Rumpole of the Bailey (UK Courtroom Drama of the 70s / 80s)

“I rest my case M’lud”

Don’t misconstrue the purpose of my attacks on safety standards in the “emerging economy”, they are not intended to humiliate but rather to stimulate discussion and evoke action to bring about change

Photos Copyright a Social Media User & Crossrail

Emerging Economy and Safety Standards

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