When will Safety, Productivity and Quality Meet?


There are times when I go on an inspection that my blood temperature rises and I explode into a seemingly “demented” rant which puts a little fear into some site people… I declare it is my passion for my profession and frustration which causes me to do this.

When I came across this particular scene was exactly one of those times… The “Red Curtain” came down and I got somewhat abusive with the Site Manager and his Safety Team and my arms were flailing around.

Now it wasn’t just the fact that machine guards were missing from this machine but more about the whole set up of the equipment and how the people were working. If you look closely you will see that on the ground there are lengths of re-bar everywhere (yes that’s correct… the operators were standing on top of the re-bar). Workers were in real danger of tripping over the re-bar and falling onto the machine or into the V belt pulleys. Out of shot and behind me there is a 2m diameter hole which was about 300mm deep and covered with some springy boards (just to make things even more hazardous).

Whoever set up this work station was an idiot… pure and simple! There was no thought about a logical workflow… i.e. re-bar arrives, moves into the machine, re-bar cut and moves further along into the bending machine. Not this supervisor: He decides to lump all the machines into the centre of the re-bar storage area!

Now in this instance the quality may not be so negatively affected but certainly the productivity of the workers is brought to a snail’s pace as they try to negotiate the minefield of slip, trips and falls; further to this not an iota of thought was put into workers safety.

Maybe the quality does get affected in that workers are thinking more about their safety than the job in hand so that “Nearly Right is Enough”

Who knows what the workers were thinking… but one think I know, these “supervisor clowns” were not thinking at all… so can we assume their workers are also absent minded?

Good Safety = Productivity + Quality = Profit

When will Safety, Productivity and Quality Meet?

One thought on “When will Safety, Productivity and Quality Meet?

  1. Gary Collins says:


    Not the first time, will not be the last, am prepared to place a bet on that!

    “When will Safety, Productivity and Quality meet”?

    In answer, when the idiots you are seeing RED with finally realise two words in Health & Safety.

    “Common Sense”!

    We will both/all be old and grey by then, oh I already am…


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